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Loans are one of the most important aspects of running a successful business. Often, small and mid-sized businesses tend to have difficulties when it comes to finding potential investors.

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Credit eligibility can be a major deterrent for some when trying to get loans, which can drastically limit the possibilities available for enterprises like yours to get the funding you need to survive.
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Efficient Financing For Your Business

As a small business owner, securing funding increases your odds of getting off the ground. However, businesses face a significant challenge when they try to secure loans. Qualifying for funding is usually the first hurdle you’ll have to cross. Most businesses lack the credit score required to get the loan and rates they need.
LEO Capital Group is a business founded on the principles of helping businesses like yours grow. You will see that our requirements for getting a loan are fairly reasonable. We also run a flexible loan repayment system, so securing capital doesn’t feel like a life sentence. We can provide capital of up to $10,000,000 while using a secure and in-depth underwriting process to ensure business owners are able to get the capital they need.
Low fico approved

We look at multiple different aspects of your business to get you an approval.

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    Our loan options at a glance

    Working with Leo Capital Group means having access to multiple loan options. Before we proceed, explore our loan options below to see what the best option would be for you and your business.

    Term Loan

    Line of Credit

    Real Estate Loan
    Merchant Cash Advance
    SBA Loan

    Term Loan

    Quick Application
    Businesses can secure loans in as little as 24 hours. After submitting an application for a loan, we will review it and get back to you within 24 hours. In some cases, we can have the funds ready in less than 12 hours
    Longer terms

    Our loan options can be repaid over 5 years. This allows entrepreneurs sufficient time to pay back loans without suffering inconsiderate interest rates.

    Lower interests rates

    Interest rates for a term loan start at 7% APR and require a minimum fico score of 600.

    Flexible spending

    You can utilize your loans for anything you need – from operational costs to expansion. There are no restrictions on how you spend your money.

    Line of Credit

    Revolving line of credit

    Our line of credit replenishes itself every time you make an on-time payment. The amount being paid back can then be immediately after it has been repaid.

    Funds are available on demand.

    Withdraw funds at a time of your choosing, for whatever reason you deem necessary. With our LOC solution, you are just one click away from accessing the funds you need quickly and efficiently.

    Only pay on drawn funds

    You will only need to pay for it if you do not spend it, just like your credit card.

    Quick credit approval

    You can find out if your request for a loan has been approved or denied within 12 hours of submitting your application, which means businesses will have time to plan accordingly without wasting valuable resources.

    Real Estate Loan

    5 Day Close

    We offer 5-day hard money close with a recent appraisal.

    Long Term Options

    When your bank says no, we say yes! You can take out a mortgage from us with repayment terms of up to 30 years.

    High LTV

    We can get you the most out of your equity in your home, up to 80% LTV.


    Use the equity in your home as collateral for a line of credit.

    Merchant Cash Advance

    Same Day Approvals

    Get your loan approved within 24 hours. Loans are typically received in the same day and will always be at a competitive rate for all involved parties.

    Funding from 3k to 10M

    Do you need an extra boost? LEO Capital Group can give out loans of up to $10 million to qualified enterprises.

    Bad Credit Approved

    Our minimum FICO score requirement for Merchant Cash Advance financing is 450. This type of loan provides a fast way to get funds without using collateral or other forms of security.

    Reverse Consolidations

    Reverse Consolidation helps business owners who can’t afford multiple ongoing daily or weekly MCA payments.

    SBA Loan

    Loans up to $5mm

    We offer a wide range of SBA loan options. Our SBA Express service offers an easier process and loans up to $350,000.

    Low Rates And Longer Terms

    The SBA charges a low APR on their loans, which is substantially lower than other financial institutions offer.

    Government Backed

    Loans from the SBA are guaranteed by the government and are available for both short-term and long-term projects, such as acquiring fixed assets or providing working capital.

    Unique Benefits

    Lower Payments, Flexible Overhead Requirements, and No Collateral Required on loans under $350,000.

    See why small businesses love LCG.

    I don’t normally take time to write reviews, but I had a great experience with LEO. I have worked with other companies who wouldn’t return my calls, and or give me straight answers. I was helped every step of the way, and got a loan I was happy with to help me get the funds I needed to help open a new location, and do some marketing. Thanks LCG.

    – Michael Remington




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