Real Estate Loan

Helping you achieve your goal of homeownership is important to us!

As a first-time homeowner or an established one, you deserve the best mortgage loan deal with the lowest interest rate available. Leo Capital offers some of the industry's most attractive deals (quick application turnarounds, approvals, etc.) geared toward maximising your cash flow.

We understand that it's not just about rates—we care about providing sensible financing options that work for you during all stages of life (and building partnerships!). We're smart because we're confident in doing things differently than others. You can trust us when finding real estate loans tailored specifically for you – we don't believe in one-size fits.

Funding Criteria

Fico Score555
Funding Amount Up to 15M
Term Length 12 months - 30 years
Time to Fund5 days - 2 months

Get The Most Out Of Your Equity

Leo Capital has the solutions for all of your home-buying and refinancing needs. With our shared values guiding us, we strive to empower productive collaborations and foster deep trust. Helping you realize your dreams is the highest measure of success for all of us; it's what brings joy to our work.

We also offer real estate hard money loans, where our mission is to make the dream of owning a home an accessible reality for everyone. Our commitment to you includes no upfront fees, an online process that makes everything simple, and approval in as little as three minutes without wasting time talking to a person. Let us help simplify the process so you can focus on what matters most - living life!

Steps to Acquire Financing

Apply Apply directly on our website or call us and speak with on of our representatives.
Decision Our team of dedicated financial experts will review your application and process it to find out your financing eligibility.
Get Funded! Funds are wired directly to your bank as soon as underwriting has been finalized and contracts have been signed.

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