SBA Loan

We know it's not easy getting funding from banks, especially if you're an emerging company that isn't well-established yet and trying to fund your business. Even though thousands of good businesses can't get the funding they need from a bank, many turn to alternative lenders who charge exorbitant rates.

This becomes particularly challenging when you're just starting. Sometimes, you may need to act fast to seize opportunities or overcome obstacles. In those cases, it pays for a merchant like Leo Capital Groups, who knows how important it is for small businesses like yours to be treated fairly.

Your needs should come first - which is why we created our Small Business Loan product specifically tailored for people like you who want access to quick and easy financing without having to pay high-interest rates, with flexible repayment terms tailored around what suits your budget best.

Funding Criteria

Fico Score650
Funding Amount Up to 5 million
Term Length Up to 25 years
Time in Business 2 years
Time to Fund14 days - 2 months

How It Works

The U.S. Small Business Administration operates by setting loan guidelines and reducing lender risk, making it easier for small businesses to obtain funding. SBA loans are typically used for many purposes, including working capital, inventory, equipment, refinancing or even property.

The benefits of SBA loans are endless. Firstly, it offers competitive terms, with rates and fees similar to non- The benefits of SBA loans are endless. Firstly, it offers competitive terms, with rates and fees similar to non-

guaranteed loans. It also offers unique benefits like low down payments, overhead requirements, and no collateral need for some loans. Some loans are accompanied by continual support to establish and maintain your business.

We can help you meet the requirement – Leo Capital Group uses technology to expedite the application process for our clients.

Steps to Acquire Financing

Apply Apply directly on our website or call us and speak with on of our representatives.
Decision Our team of dedicated financial experts will review your application and process it to find out your financing eligibility.
Get Funded! Funds are wired directly to your bank as soon as underwriting has been finalized and contracts have been signed.

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